Thursday, 28 April 2011

Studio Breakthrough

I have had a huge breakthrough in regards to my studio.  Firstly, a trip to IKEA has some more storage for my wool tops and other things.  Now a second trip is being planned for tomorrow.

My husband (Anthony or AP, as he is known) and I have had a dispute over space and storage.  He thinks I take up too much of both with all my art (aka crap) and I want him to build me my own separate studio.  We currently share a space, officially is is a living room, but who really needs 4 living rooms in their house??  So with us each having half the room, battle lines are regularly drawn.  He throws stuff on my side, I thrown everything I can lay my hands on, back on his side.  It shall happen no more.

AP has agreed to leave 'my studio' and I am going to give up an area which I have currently commandeered and this is going to be his new 'office area' and I am going to have one whole room to children.......if there was a door I would put a deadlock on it.

I have asked AP if we can have the change made by Sunday night, as he flies out for work Monday morning.  I am planning to work hard to make it happen.  Wait for the before and after photos.

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