Wednesday, 20 April 2011 or insane pursuit??

So I am trying to teach myself needle felting.  What I thought shouldn't be too hard, has turned into an adventure.  I have only injured myself once, which drew blood.  My critter is with most of my work, I just start and see where it wants to go.  I'm not a planner or exact measurer, no keeping detailed records, I'm lucky for a picture or two.
I will admit, stabbing my critter was a bit melodramatic, but it was fun!  I am using two different sorts of needle felting tools.  The pen style one is my favourite, and the larger Ashfords timber one, I am naming "Big Bertha".  Now Bertha is not to be messed with and boy, does she pack a punch.
As you can see from the closeup.....there is a bit of a difference.  Bertha has mainly come into play when punching the body, the legs were all done with the pen.  It's easy to make the limbs and then attach, also reinforcing attachments is not bad.

I am trying to get the limbs and body fairly firm to start with.  I am not sure how colouring my fella is going to go.  Not sure how many layers I will need to put on and how much needle felting will be required.  I am of course, dying to do the wet felting, but I am trying to learn patience........anyone who knows me, knows that patience and I aren't compatable.

Back to the table to keep on needling. 

Things I have learnt:
1. Needle felting uses very different arm and hand muscles than wet felting.
2. If you swap hands every so often, you don't hate it as much.
3. Don't watch TV.  TV and needle felting ends up in blood and pain.
4. Be patient.
5. Be patient.
6 Be patient.
7. Avoid needling by writing in a blog.

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